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Natural Farm

the true essence of New Zealand meat 

Natural Farm Angus

the ‘All Blacks’ of the meat industry

The story of Angus cattle in New Zealand goes back seven generations, originating in the northeast of Scotland, and arriving on New Zealand’s shores with settlers in the early nineteenth century. The Scottish Angus was a small, stocky beast, noted for its hardiness and its ability to thrive in any environment, making it the perfect breed for the rugged remote pastures of New Zealand. Today the New Zealand Angus is known for being large, and well-muscled – the true ‘All Blacks’ of the beef industry.

Natural Farm works with farmers to select the highest quality Angus from across central New Zealand, which is then graded and processed to meet our stringent quality requirements. This ensures only the best Angus beef makes it to your plate.

Natural Farm Prime Beef

Natural Farm Prime Beef is sourced primarily from agricultural heartlands of central New Zealand, primarily the lower North Island. Each animal is hand picked, then carefully graded and weigh-ranged to ensure only the best quality product is used. This allows Natural Farm to consistently deliver the highest quality cuts to the market year round.

Natural Farm Lamb

Natural Farm Lamb comes predominately from the lush, fertile pastures of the Wairarapa, Manawatu, Rangitikei and the rolling hills of Hawkes Bay. These regions provide the ideal conditions for growing the top quality lamb which is in demand across the globe. Natural Farm carefully selects the best of these animals, so they can be available for all New Zealanders to enjoy.