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The story of Natural Farm begins on the lush green pastures of New Zealand’s countryside where animals are given free range to graze and grow at their own pace. Add to this the world-renowned skills of the New Zealand farmer and the purity of the New Zealand environment and you have the makings of the Natural Farm brand – meat sourced from farms with a worldwide reputation for the very best environmental and animal welfare practices.


Our History

Since 1904

A vital ingredient of Natural Farm is our history, stretching back to 1904 when Arthur Edward Preston opened his first butcher shop in Tory St, Wellington. 115 years later the Preston family is still involved, bringing three generations of experience, skill and passion for New Zealand meat to Natural Farm, for all New Zealanders to enjoy.

Our Process

GE and hormone free

Natural Farm Beef and lamb is produced at Taylor Preston, a modern, export-quality meat processing facility located on the outskirts of Wellington City. Our meat is sourced from export-quality prime animals, then carefully inspected, graded and weight-ranged to ensure it meets the very highest standards. All Natural Farm products are halal-certified and meet all New Zealand animal welfare standards. They are GE free, hormone free, and fantastic in every way.

Supply Chain

We are a small company with over 115 years experience in the meat industry. This enables us to focus on the finer details, while maintained excellence throughout the whole supply chain, from the farmer to the butcher, resulting in a consistently quality product everytime.

Great Taste

We are 100% quality focused and take great pride in delivering the very best Natural Farm branded beef and lamb to you …for an eating experience we are convinced that you will thoroughly enjoy.

Natural Farm

So, that’s our story. Ask for Natural Farm meat now and experience what we think is the best and most consistent beef and lamb around. You won’t be disappointed!